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Airbus A320 Plane Wave Incidence

FIT - Time domain simulation, hexahedral mesh

A320 Zeitbereichssimulation

Electrically large problems (Airplane wing-spread over 100 wavelength)

  • Plane wave at 1800 MHz
  • 420 million mesh cells
  • 2500 million degrees of freedom (matrix size)
  • Calculation time approx 24 hours on 8 cores


luftfahrt planes


Elektra with Mobile-phone

LTE-PIFA Antenna, 2.14 GHz, Farfield (E-Field)

LTE PIFA Antenne

High frequency technic

  • FIT- Time domain simulation,
  • Hexahedral mesh
  • 2.14 GHz
  • 93 million mesh cells
  • Approx. 550 million of degrees of freedom (matrix size)
  • Calculation time approx. 10 hours

 high frequency technic

Elektra in Audi-R8

Bluetooth Patch Antenna, Farfield (E-Field), 2.44 GHz

r8 elektra

Integral Equation Technique

  • Multilevel Fast Multipole Method (MLFMM)
  • Calculation time approx. 6 hours


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